Renovation – Craft room – demolition

Here is our hall of closets that is about to be turned into my new Craft Studio!

There is a total of 8 closets. We will be ripping out five of them. I can hear girls crying all over the country because of this. But seriously, I am NOT a girl that needs EIGHT closets!

We begin by cutting a new door into our bedroom. The old door inside the hall of closets now leads to the new bathroom and will be boarded up. The door pictured on the right also leads to the bathroom and the rest of the house and that one will be staying.  

And now we have a door! or the beginnings of one anyway!

looking into the new doorway, starting to tear down the drywall

in the hall of closets looking out into the bedroom. The white door leads to our private courtyard. Took the doors off the closets and knocking down drywall

looking back into the closets. The drywall is now gone!

individual closets without the drywall

now it’s time to bring down the beams for more space!

craft room before the beams came down. Thats my most wonderful Hubby, workin hard just for me!


View from the new doorway. The Beams are gone! SOO much more room! still have to rip up the beams left in the floor

There is sooo much lighting already in here! YAY!

Look at all that room! There are still three closets behind me in a small hallway. Plenty of room to store Craft and SCENTSY stuff! Now we get to finish the walls, and then paint, decorate, and organise! YAY!

Current BEFORE and AFTER demolotion Pics:



Fall Country Porch

Here are pictures of our front porch decorated for fall. I love my porch and the pretty colors. I’m gonna miss them in the winter! We have since added a porch swing and more pumpkins since these were taken.

Renovation: Front Bathroom

Renovation update! Here is our front bathroom that I have renovated. This was my least favorite room moving in, and now I can’t stop standing in the doorway to look at it! It is mostly finished. I have plans to hang some of my photography in here, as well as change out the sink and update the faucet, but its mostly done, so here are the before and after pics! They aren’t the greatest photos as the lighting was bad and its around a corner, but you will get the picture! the walls are painted a creamy brown and all the cabinetry, trim, and fixtures are painted a brushed distressed black. (it’s hard to see in these photos) One Room down! YAY!!!









Happy Birthday to my “not so baby” Boy!

Fifteen years ago today my baby boy Christian was born. My first baby. It was a joyous yet heart wrenching day. You see my baby was born five weeks early. I got to hold him for about 15 min, and then he was whisked away to the nursery where he underwent lots of tests & hooked up to monitors and had to stay under an oxygen tent. It was all very scary. I wasn’t able to hold him again for several weeks. He was transferred overnight by ambulance to the NICU at The Childrens Hospital of the Kings Daughters. He had many ups and downs and We weren’t sure he was even going to survive, but by God’s grace he not only survived, but thrived into such a perfect & healthy teenager.

Left picture: Christians transport via ambulance, Right picture: the day he came home from the hospital

Fast Forward Fifteen years later. Christian, You have turned into such an amazing person. I could not be more proud of you!

In celebration of your fifteenth birthday , Here are 15 things that I love about you…….

* You are kind

*You are honest

*You always think of others

*You are respectful

*You are funny

*Your gorgeous baby blue eyes that had me at hello

*You are wonderful with children. You have a gift for them.

* You put others before yourself

* You are creative

*You are a talented writer

* You forgive easily

* You love the Lord

*You are a loyal friend

*You love easily

*You are a hard worker

*I love when you ask me for hugs and our late night talks

as you can see I cheated and added a few more because could go on and on about how wonderful you are!

I have so enjoyed these last fifteen years with you! I love the bond that we have. How you are always able to cheer me up when I am down. It saddens me to think about how you are almost grown, but I am not worried about the man that you have become, because I know that you are such a smart and hard working person, you will succeed in all that you do, and because you are so kind, loving, & passionate, you will do great things in your lifetime. I can’t wait to watch! I’m already enjoying watching you as you serve others and spread God’s love to all of those around you. Your future is so bright!

Happy Birthday Christian, you are turning into such a wonderful man! I am SO PROUD that you are my son! I LOVE YOU!!.



Our Baptism


On Sunday October 18th, 2009 My three children and I were baptized. (my husband Mark had already been baptized)  Here are the pictures he took of us at our big event!


















She was so excited and happy!


Seth:  (the water was Cold! you can tell in this photo!)






And Me:










YAY us!

Seth’s 11th birthday party

This weekend we had a party at the local skate park to celebrate Seth’s 11th birthday. He had several kids from school and from church come and join the fun. The skate park is huge and luckily INDOORS! Here are some pictures of the kids skating. The lighting was Horrible for taking photographs, and I didn’t have my flash with me. That paired with all the fast paced movement made it difficult, but here are some of the best ones.



Our Sk8tr Boi. He’s had a toy with wheels in his hands every since he could grap with his little baby fingers. It was great to see him in his element



This is quite possible the cutest skateboarder on the planet. She’s so talented she can even skate in a dress!

















If you get tired, no problem! Just sit!







This was his cake that I made him. His favorite, lego men, with an ipod




the cake got a bit wet in the rain



Seth opening his very own highly anticipated green Ipod nano.

We all had a great time, especially seth, who declares this was his most awsomest birthday ever 😉